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Welcome to CAITE

At Caite, Kyla Seo & Love Kyla, we believe in original, creative and artistic designs made in luxurious fabrics and all affordably-priced for the modern, everyday woman.  A woman who wants to dress with confidence, ease, and comfort.  A woman with incredible style that also minds her budget.  The CAITE woman has a free spirit, is a lover of art, travel and all things handmade!  She is a woman who is adventurous, enthusiastic and loves life, and she is always noticed when entering a room!

All of our pieces are individually designed to be timeless, seasonless and above all, figure-flattering.  Our brands offer fine, intricate detailing and impeccable quality.  Our clothing is handcrafted in India under fair and ethical working conditions, and we take great pride in the talent of these artisans to create one-of-a-kind prints, exquisite embroideries, and stunning pieces. Our print selection and embroideries are all originals created by artists around the world, solely for our brands and can be found only in our archives.

Dressing should be simple and something to look forward to each day.  We want our CAITE customers to approach each day with inspiration and excitement, and always be hopeful and optimistic for what the day ahead may bring!  Looking good is feeling great!