Rose Noir Candle | 4oz Tin

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Notes of delicate rose petals, exotic woods, dark chocolate, cream, a hint of vanilla, and a hint of amber. This fragrance is decadent, satiny, sexy, and luscious. One of those mysterious fragrances you can’t quite put your finger on. Considered a gourmand fragrance though it is not overly sweet or overly foodie because it is balanced out by the florals and woods. The chocolate adds body and richness, and the vanilla and cream lift it up. It’s sweet but just the right kind of sweet. Hand-poured into a 4oz size tin.

  • Approximately 20 hours burn time.
  • Made with 100% USA soy wax, cotton wicks, essential oils, and fine fragrances free of harmful phthalates. 

SAFETY WARNING: Please take care when you burn a candle and make sure it is not left unattended in a room. For best results, burn a new candle 3-4 hours in order to get an even melt pool of wax to the edges of the jar. Please keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" in order to get the most time and safety out of your candle and prevent any smoking. 

Astatula candles are created in small batches in the heart of Old Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida. Photography, candle notes, and safety information courtesy of and property of Astatula Candle Co.


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