Moon Intention Candle



Intention candles can be used in any manner you feel drawn to. Often they are used in ritual, prayer, meditation, or in ceremony but feel free to adapt it to what works for you. It can be burned as simply as during a bath or while writing/working. The most important part is your intention.

  • Hand-poured with 100% pure soy wax.
  • Dressed with mugwort, jasmine flowers, jasmine sambac, selenite, and moonstone. These particular herbs and minerals are all meaningful and sacred to the Moon and her significations.
  • Measures approximately 8” tall and 2.3” across.
An intention candle dedicated to the Moon, our ever watchful and ever-changing celestial mirror. Queen of the night sky. Created to be burned during intention setting, ritual work, as an altar candle and perfect for New/Full Moon ceremonies. The meaning behind the Moon candle is to bring focus and attention to working with our dreams, our intuitive and psychic natures, our inner selves, emotional landscape and the cycles of our lives. There’s so much that could be said about the Moon and all that it does and represents. In astrology, the Moon is the second luminary in the sky, receiving the light from the Sun and beaming it back to us in its own lunar way that is soft and receptive. Ruling the zodiacal sign of Cancer, the Moon is watery and fertile and represents all aspects of our inner life. Always changing and showing us different sides of her face, she awakens us to our sensitivity and our own changing natures. The Moon has been associated with many different goddesses throughout the world, often changing names based on the phase. Some of the more well-known Goddesses being Diana, Artemis, Selene, Hecate, and Coyolxauhqui. For this reason and because the Moon changes so much there is no focus on one particular deity, but centering it on the Moon itself, so that you can have flexibility in your use of the candle.

SAFETY WARNING: Please take care when you burn a candle and make sure it is not left unattended in a room. For best results, burn your intention candle for 2-3 hours maximum. Please keep the wick centered and trimmed to 1/8-1/4" before lighting each time for a clean, safe, and even burn. Extinguish the candle if the flame seems too high and/or if smoking occurs. 
Astatula candles are created in small batches in the heart of Old Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida. Photography, candle notes, and safety information courtesy of Astatula Candle Co.

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